Cell Tower Leases

Understanding Cell Tower Lease Agreement


Cell tower lease contracts or agreements are not the same as residential or commercial lease agreements. The lease of a cell tower is also called as unmanned communications facility wherein the cell tower lease agreement is typically presented by the tenant and not the landlord, that is why it is considered the opposite of a traditional residential and commercial leasing agreement. The tenant drafts the lease agreement at http://www.towerleases.com/faq/ and so it must be thoroughly reviewed by a professional cell tower consultant.


Most cell towers only need a few hundred square feet of land, so don't lease thousands square feet to more than what you need because you might just end up giving up more than just the rights for that land for the next twenty-five years. Negotiating a rent without an expert like a cell tower consultant's help to avoid unfavorable terms, and lease language, and low rents. There are many deals closed and negotiated by property owners without seeking help from cell tower lease experts resulting in rent escalations, leaving tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.


Beware of granting options because new cell tower lease agreements start as options in the beginning, and the tenant writes the landlord a one-time check and they are given the option to exercise the lease or pass on the opportunity. Consider a red flag if the tenant asks for a three to dive year options in exchange for a sum amount of money. Keep in mind that extension of terms is beneficial for commercial leasing but not for cell tower leases because cell tower contracts typically allow tenants to terminate with the thirty days notice, but a landlord cannot terminate the lease until its expiration.  Get cell tower contracts here!


In any cell tower lease agreement, the Right On Sale, or Right of First Refusal must be removed in the lease agreement because this provision of the contract is overreaching, that restricts your ability to sell the cell tower lease in the future. A buyer won't waste his time making an offer to purchase your cell tower lease. Who will dare make an offer to purchase your cell tower lease if anyone can just take the deal at the price you have initially offered? So do not limit your options, remove the Right of First Refusal in your cell tower lease agreement. Again, make sure that you have a cell tower consultant like David Espinosa at your side to ensure you are entering a good cell tower lease deal. Learn more at https://www.reference.com/technology/can-check-location-person-his-cell-phone-usage-e51cf72fba88d5e7.